Empowering Regeneration

Unitree is a digital platform that combines permaculture projects with a regenerative economic system.

Pioneering Regenerative Practices Inspired by Permaculture and Regeneration

We, at Unitree, are a passionate team driven by our deep commitment to the principles of permaculture and sustainability. Inspired by the potential of regenerative economic systems, we have created a digital platform that uniquely combines permaculture projects with a token-based model. This initiative is a reflection of our dedication to integrating ecological wisdom with innovative economic strategies.

Empowering Communities, Regenerating the Environment

By participating in Unitree's innovative model, you have the opportunity to contribute to the regeneration of the environment while also potentially benefiting from returns on your investment. This unique approach allows you to be a part of community involvement and helps in creating a sustainable economic system. Your involvement is not just an investment in your financial future, but also a step towards a more sustainable and regenerative world.


Transforming Contributions into Valuable Tokens for Project Growth

At Unitree, we have developed a groundbreaking process that turns contributions into tokens, which then gain value as our projects grow. This innovative approach creates a sustainable economic system that benefits both our contributors and the environment.

Contributions Turned into Tokens

When you contribute to our projects, whether it's through fiat currency, land, skills, labor, tools, materials, or technology, we convert those contributions into tokens.

Tokens Gain Value through Project Growth

As our projects increase in value, so do the tokens, providing a stable store of value for our contributors.

A Sustainable and Lucrative System

Our unique model encourages sustainability, environmental regeneration, and offers a potential return on investment.

Discover the Abundance of Resources from Our Permaculture Projects

Our permaculture projects produce a wide range of valuable resources, including food, medicine, and bio-fuels. Explore the diverse offerings from our sustainable initiatives.


Experience the freshness and nourishment of our organically grown produce.

Building Materials

Revel in the strength and resilience of our eco-friendly building materials, crafted to ensure sustainability and durability for your architectural endeavors.


Discover the healing properties of our natural remedies and herbal medicines.


Embrace the power of sustainability with our bio-fuels, cultivated from renewable resources in our agroforestry systems, offering a cleaner and more efficient energy solution.


Meet Our Team

Passionate individuals dedicated to driving change.

Michael Mationschek
Founder and Chief System Architect

Michael Mationschek, with an impressive 18-year career as an enterprise software developer, is the Chief System Architect at Unitree. A Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, he has vast experience in building systems for large corporates, including the super yacht industry. At Unitree, Michael combines his technical prowess with a passion for ecological restoration, sustainability, and plant medicines. He's not just about crafting advanced solutions but also deeply committed to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Daniel Cunningham
Founding Partner

Daniel Cunningham is a committed leader in software solutions, focusing on truth and transparency to forge global technology contracts and solutions. With expertise in the transportation industry, he facilitates the transition from traditional to digital practices. At Unitree, his mission is to tackle challenges with compassion, advocating for unity, sustainability, and respect for the Earth. Daniel is proactive in evaluating technology partnerships for growth and streamlining processes across various business areas. He guides the implementation of machine learning and tech initiatives, ensuring cutting-edge solutions. Leading business development, he secures vital partnerships, driving Unitree's innovation and positive impact.

Matthew Britt
Founding Partner

Matthew Britt, a Founding Partner at Unitree and a prominent figure in sustainable agriculture, carries a rich legacy from his leadership roles at Food Forest Abundance and a renowned renewable energy platform. Passionate about establishing global food forests, Matthew's vision dovetails with Unitree's goals, championing a decentralized food supply through permanent agriculture. His previous roles, including spearheading nationwide solar installations and a significant solar systems initiative, coupled with his expertise in sustainable solutions and business development, solidify his pivotal role in steering Unitree towards a sustainable, abundant future.An operations expert with a keen eye for efficiency and a passion for sustainable practices.

Shane Williams
Founding Partner

Shane Williams, a new earth visionary, martial artist, and devoted student of life's mysteries, is driven by a passion for restoring harmony in our relationships with nature, ourselves, and each other. As a founder of Frequency Village and a key catalyst for impactful projects, Shane's expertise lies in developing ecosystems that address planetary challenges. His leadership, rooted in spirituality and kindness, has led to the establishment of global innovation hubs dedicated to nurturing conscious leaders and regenerative solutions. Now, as a founding partner at Unitree, Shane's vision of blending new earth architecture with sustainable ecosystems positions Unitree as a beacon of transformation, replacing fear with love and limitation with thriving. In essence, Shane is not just a visionary but a change-maker, championing love, expansion, and holistic growth.

Gregory Kellett
Founding Partner

Merging neuroscience with organizational habit change, Gregory Kellett champions the creation of dynamic, coherent cultures essential for the planet's stewardship. By achieving coherence at both neurochemical and collaborative action levels, Kellett enhances the health and effectiveness of collectives and individuals. He curates engaging learning experiences, focusing on dynamic governance, pulse performance, and trust structures, all supported by his extensive network. Kellett's background spans a decade in neuroscience research at SFSU/UCSF, master-level neuro-linguistics coaching, and dynamic governance training.A seasoned financial expert guiding the economic aspects of the Unitree project.

Arian Pleroma
Founding Partner

Arian Pleroma, a multifaceted artist, philosopher, and ambassador of ancient-aligned cultures, champions the Triadic Social Order: a harmonious system rooted in nature's laws. Drawing from diverse fields like politics, philosophy, trauma, and art, he merges seemingly disparate domains into cohesive insights. Through coaching and community building, he unlocks human potential, fostering heart-centered awareness and innate wisdom. Arian is also the founder of 'The World Tree' magazine, underscoring culture's role in conveying cosmic complexity and liberating the human soul from oppression.

Steven Calkins
Founding Partner

Steve Calkins, founder of Hungry Heroes Hawaii and board member at Unitree, is driven by empowering individuals to realize their potential and fostering unity. With a vision of harmonizing economics, technology, and ecology, Steve's endeavors, like aligning local farms with volunteers at HHH to provide over 250,000 free meals, address vital issues like food security. At Unitree, his expertise in governance, economics, and agroforestry, combined with a commitment to a higher consciousness, reinforces a mission centered on unity, truth, and Earth's well-being.

Matthias Trebbin
Founding Partner

Born in Germany and raised in South Africa, Matthias Trebbin is a visionary tech entrepreneur adept at building brands from scratch. Blending a background in Photography, Graphic Design, and Online Marketing with a passion for Blockchain, Matthias pioneers innovative solutions. He is passionate about global collaboration, envisioning a world where each individual, like puzzle pieces, shapes a brighter future for our planet.

Rachel Schneider
Founding Partner

Rachel Schneider, based in Austin, Texas, is a dynamic real estate agent with a deep passion for regenerative agriculture and new earth systems. She seamlessly blends her expertise to craft sustainable communities, underpinned by her commitment to holistic land development. With adept networking skills, Rachel is renowned for cultivating meaningful connections and fostering community belonging. Her endeavors, whether in real estate or new earth advocacy, radiate her unwavering dedication to a sustainable and interconnected future.

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Significant milestones and achievements in Unitree's development

Developing technology and building a team

We've established the Unitree Exchange and a private law structure, created the Unitree website, and initiated a community-focused social network for networking and collaboration. Additionally, we've assembled our initial team to kickstart the project.

Execution of initial pilot projects

We have established important collaborations with several organizations and are actively executing pilot projects to showcase Unitree's capabilities and improve our onboarding procedures.

Expanding to widespread project execution

Following the pilot phase, our strategy involves scaling up the Unitree network through effective process implementation and executing a robust marketing plan. Additionally, we will leverage a portfolio of pilot projects to illustrate the practical and transformative capabilities of Unitree as a regenerative economic system.

Further technology development

We aim to enhance our technology platform to accommodate regional tokens, essentially serving as a collection of tokens specific to a region that can be used as a local exchange medium. Additionally, our plans include creating a dedicated Unitree mobile app for managing Unitree tokens, offering an alternative to standard blockchain wallets such as Metamask. We are also focusing on advancing our community collaboration features and exploring the development of alternative communication networks and project management systems.

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