Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees: Investing in Nature's Economy

Embrace an innovative approach to prosperity by channeling investments into ecological projects, where your financial growth is as natural as the forests we protect and nurture.

Forest Banks: The Backbone of Our Regenerative Economic System

Our economic system relies on the concept of forest banks, which produce essential resources like food, medicine, building materials and bio-fuels. These resources are the foundation of our regenerative model.

Sustainable Resources

Our forest banks provide a sustainable source of resources, including food, medicine, building materials, and bio-fuels.

Environmental Regeneration

Through forest banks, we contribute to environmental regeneration and create a more sustainable future for all life on earth.


Token Minting: A Reward for Contributions

Token minting serves as a reward for contributions such as fiat currency, land, labor, materials and technology. By actively participating in the Unitree ecosystem, individuals can earn tokens that represent their valuable input towards the permaculture projects and regenerative economic system.


Tokens Tied to Agroforestry Projects' Success

The value of tokens in our economic system is directly linked to the success and growth of our permaculture projects. This connection reinforces the stability and sustainability of our model.

Value Reinforcement

Tokens increase in value as permaculture projects thrive, ensuring economic stability.

Stable Growth

The success of our permaculture projects drives the growth and value of our tokens.


Support Regeneration and Earn Potential Returns

By participating in the Unitree economy, you can support environmental regeneration and contribute to regenerative projects. As the value of these projects grows, you have the potential to earn returns on your contributions.


How to Contribute and Earn Tokens

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can contribute to our projects and earn tokens:

Step 1: Choose a Project

Browse through our available projects and select one that resonates with you.

Step 2: Make a Contribution

Contribute to the project using your preferred form of contribution, such as fiat currency, land, skills, labor, tools, materials, or technology.

Step 3: Earn Tokens

As a token of appreciation, you will earn tokens based on the value of your contribution.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about our economic system, token usage, and investment opportunities.

How does the economic system work?

Our economic system combines permaculture projects with a digital platform. Forest banks produce essential resources, and tokens are minted as people contribute. The value of the tokens is backed by the value of the projects, creating a stable store of value for contributors.

How can I use tokens?

Tokens can be used for trading on our exchange, participating in community collaborations, and accessing exclusive benefits within the Unitree ecosystem.

Are there investment opportunities?

Yes, by contributing to projects and holding tokens, you have the potential to benefit from the increasing value of the projects and the tokens themselves. This offers a unique investment opportunity.

How can I get involved?

To get involved, you can contribute in various forms such as fiat currency, land, skills, labor, tools, materials, or technology.

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